I Don’t Even Game



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  1. Jay Lewis says:

    this game is fucked up :c.

  2. Justin Pioreck says:

    wat the fuck.

  3. Leighanne Helen says:

    more pls

  4. Jacob Bregg says:

    SCOREBOARD UP SOON? what about when you made it?

  5. Alexander Tsao says:


  6. Dashflink Hiemerdinger says:

    I BEAT IT! 1! 1111! 1!

  7. Leo Davies says:

    how do you start.

  8. how do I get rid of the stupid baby?

  9. how do I get pass the grate.

  10. How do you pass the pirate asking if you are really a pirate?

  11. Alexander Valentino says:

    not helpful

  12. Barbara Peace says:

    how do I act afraid? D:

  13. Mac Moehlmann says:

    code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv.

  14. Rose Davis says:


  15. Ravyn Emmett says:

    u press q to get rid of it.

  16. how do you get passed level 300 please tell me someonez.

  17. Alex Swanstrom says:

    press Q

  18. Lee Snyder says:

    how do you get passed the goast.

  19. for the entry bot type ynnyyyynn.

  20. Tammy Kemp says:

    How do you get past lvl 30? its just dark!

  21. Hayley Christinee says:

    how do you get passed the pirate.

  22. Natalyn Bridges says:

    press i then press r then press o

  23. Natalyn Bridges says:

    press a

  24. Natalyn Bridges says:

    if it is the king ghost you just keep on pressing Ctrl if it is timothy you press up down left right left right b a

  25. Natalyn Bridges says:

    just press a

  26. Natalyn Bridges says:

    first you press i then you press r then finally you press o

  27. Scott Wilson says:

    how do you get past ninga roll?

  28. Grace Gordon says:

    how do you get past level 45? with the octupus thing.

  29. Mikayla McCarty says:

    How do you get passed the darkness?

  30. Isaiah Cary says:

    I'm stuck at the monster can anyone help.

  31. how do I get passed the cor log directory.

  32. Megan Horton says:

    how do you get past the gate if you just lose your key

  33. Kallie Blazer says:

    how do you get past ninja roll?

  34. Katie Clark says:

    how do you get past the thing that says no! hold on to your 4 key! 1

  35. Mel Agouth says:

    go as slow as you can and the monster wont notice you.

  36. Ha Livingstone says:

    press 4

  37. Ha Livingstone says:

    30 LIVES CODE?

  38. Lyndon McBride says:

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start, (The Enter Key)

  39. kkkay. do joo notnotnotnotnotnotnotnot want to go inside?

  40. Brendan Olds says:

    how do you het past the grate with the four keys.

  41. Brendan Olds says:


  42. how do I get past the door in the dark?

  43. Andre Berimbau says:

    stuck on lvl 50 with the pirate hospital :(

  44. How do I get past the pirate/monster?

  45. Ivy Seidel says:

    slide past

  46. Andre Berimbau says:


  47. I stuck how you get past black place.

  48. I stuack on stupid ghost code.

  49. Alexis Wilson says:

    I out in the non remote acess code and it didn't let me pass :/

  50. Alexis Wilson says:

    y,n,n,y,y,y,y,n,n,n that's the answwer

  51. Carson Hensold says:

    how do u get past the wall that says "Joo NEED A KEY, NoT AN KEy.

  52. Jacob DeLaigle says:

    how do u get level 16.

  53. Adolfo Aguilar says:

    how do I even get past the wall in the beggining?

  54. Austin Hays says:

    stuck in darck area.

  55. Austin Hays says:

    what's the code for the the ghost.

  56. Austin Hays says:

    how do you pass level 57.

  57. Lucas Dulanto says:

    how do I get past the gate.

  58. Kaos Skunk says:

    how do you get past the tiny ghost.

  59. Susie Best says:

    How JOO Get passed lvl 53?

  60. DirectionerGirl Lily says:

    how do u get past lvl 36?

  61. Mitchell Casagrande says:

    level 80?

  62. stuck on lvl 57 how u pass the ghost I need to be afriad.

  63. Rhio Flaherty says:

    how do you get past level 76.

  64. Christian Riddle says:

    how do I get past the reactor core?

  65. Sarah Zhu says:

    Type afraid? Idk, I just button mashed.

  66. Sarah Zhu says:

    Notice on the wall it says "You need A key not AN key." It's saying you need to press A

  67. Sarah Zhu says:

    Type afraid?

  68. Sarah Zhu says:

    Walk past really slowly, so you don't wake up the monster

  69. Sarah Zhu says:

    Press A I think

  70. Sarah Zhu says:


  71. Sarah Zhu says:

    At the start? YOu can't jump, so you always lose your keys. Just press A if you want to open a "door"

  72. Caitlin Nash says:

    how do you get past level 33?

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