I Don’t Even Know


78 Responses to “I Don’t Even Know”

  1. Melody Gray says:

    the cokie

  2. Loyal Juraschek says:

    …yeah, my life is complete now.

  3. Zoe White says:

    I remember what game I wanted to play afteri typed (I don't know games).

  4. Heidi Vitha says:

    what the heck.

  5. EJ Brooks says:

    Vsaucians Unite!

  6. I played this so many time.

  7. Elisa Girino says:

    right click and click to win the game

  8. January Miller says:

    i is playd dis su mny tims it aint funy enymor

  9. Grace Benson says:

    ow do u find meh?

  10. Sebastian Fair says:

    second to last row and 14th person

  11. Jessie Edwards says:

    joo lie tat impossisible

  12. Lacey Costa says:

    that made so much sense…

  13. Joe Michaud says:

    lol so fuuuuuun

  14. Joe Michaud says:

    uuum i is lost

  15. Summer Sexton says:

    Make a wish?

  16. Jolly Live says:

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  17. John Williams says:

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  18. I cant beat the rocket one

  19. How do you get past the explode one?

  20. Jade Donaldson says:

    there is a invisible man in the white space.

  21. Jade Donaldson says:

    open the rocket's top(by clicking it) and drag all items inside it

  22. Jade Donaldson says:

    Click all the candle wicks.

  23. Rayne Alasah says:

    yayayayay i finished the game!

  24. Ellie Mow says:

    Deal or not deal?

  25. Wilson Wong says:

    this is like the impossible quiz

  26. this makes me think of a ASFDMOVIE game

  27. if u right clik it sais "joo are cheating" lol

  28. don't press teh button when it says "go to lawlolawl"

  29. Melanie Grace Ortega says:

    how do you pass the anybody home level?

  30. Melanie Grace Ortega says:


  31. Kelli Dilday says:

    how to pas anybody home

  32. Mary Spudeck says:

    How's u pass the lawlolawl ;-; I needs halp

  33. Lucas Felix says:

    How do you pass the Deal or No Deal test???

  34. Jamie Longson says:

    click the ring on the side of his head

  35. Dmi Teresita says:

    you click the dudes earing

  36. Caelyn Nowland says:

    XD i was on the lawlolawl lvl i right clicked and it made me go to the start that means i win right? yeah im pretty sure

  37. how do u know ''how joo make a'splode''.

  38. Morgan Slim says:

    how do pass where is the fireworks

  39. Marcia Van Wormer says:

    how joo pass ''how joo make as'plode?"?

  40. Marcia Van Wormer says:


  41. Marcia Van Wormer says:

    how do joo pass ''go to lawlolawl land!''?

  42. Its hard for me to do how joo make as'plode

  43. Dhiraj Raj says:

    in how joo make as'plode you click on the top left, then the one that says key, then the button thingy, then the other button thigy.

  44. Lynn Teska says:

    how hoo aspoled 1 top right corner 2 key 3 swich

  45. Levlev Santiago says:


  46. Levlev Santiago says:


  47. Levlev Santiago says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. James Tellier says:

    click his earring

  49. Jala Ledbetter says:

    I totally love this game

  50. Jack Brattin says:


  51. if joo right click at end joo get message saying joo cheatings JOO ALL DUMB YO

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